Month: March 2017

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Mapping exercise reignites Mount Pleasant – Mazowe boundary debate –


The Story Is King

The moon shines and is a constant. Its probably one of the first memories of the first man,he looked up and there it was a huge dome which starts as a spec and grows in prominence. He could not touch it nor could he feel its heat as he did the other constant he called the sun. I would imagine he started one of the biggest achievements of man ever on that day…he started a story about it! We have all our moon stories from it being made of cheese to what not but have you realised that that seminal day on 20 July 1969 (Moonlanding) began with whatever story those who made it possible grew up with. 

Tell your story insipire a generation

Stories equal transformation if they insipire

Serve a purpose

Here for a fleeting moment

Its here for a fleeting moment …serves a purpose an leaves an impression…dnt always complain abt life being too short what have you done with it!