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Of Cattle, Goats and the Movable Property Security Interests Bill –


The Story Is King

The moon shines and is a constant. Its probably one of the first memories of the first man,he looked up and there it was a huge dome which starts as a spec and grows in prominence. He could not touch it nor could he feel its heat as he did the other constant he called the sun. I would imagine he started one of the biggest achievements of man ever on that day…he started a story about it! We have all our moon stories from it being made of cheese to what not but have you realised that that seminal day on 20 July 1969 (Moonlanding) began with whatever story those who made it possible grew up with. 

Tell your story insipire a generation

Stories equal transformation if they insipire

Serve a purpose

Here for a fleeting moment

Its here for a fleeting moment …serves a purpose an leaves an impression…dnt always complain abt life being too short what have you done with it!

Seeds of betrayal


Unfairness thou art in name

I would have stood by you in anything!

I had done all in my strength to fight

To please you in your godlike stature

You who see everyone else fool and charlatan

To please and fatten your soul.

Puny; unworthy it was

But least you forget 

It was all I had .

I had to die to make the grade

It pained to give my all

An arm, a leg, a head, a heart.

My life got pathetic

My ego bruised  to tatters

I battered vainly in your presence.

Even though I got things done

My nights and dreams i laboured and groaned.

I know I had said I wouldn’t take my life without the pain

But this betrayal strikes me to the bone

A cold hand clutches my soul.

Oh my God its steely cold

And its abyss dark and deep.

It fills my heart and mind with a very cold dish;

“Revenge thou art my friend

I will embrace you

And I will serve you very cold

To freeze my enemy’s blood cold.”

In the name of friendship I ploughed.

In the name of love I watered

But my blood and sweat weren’t fertile enough.

Oh my God how I wish I had done like those of old

‘Planted a poison tree in the middle of my garden

Watered it with my pathetic  condition

Until such a time the fruit was ripe and ready

Knowing my enemy would steal as a dart in the night

To be strung by the neck under my apple tree!’

Child of Silence

What happens to you my priced?
Here with me now,gone the next
You represent all i am
You are person you are me…
You are ghost,you are gone
My friends call me happy
Then i know you are with me
Gloom comes and you are gone
‘Sad sad sad boy
poor poor young man’
Follow me to my door step
Until such a time when you see it fit
To embrace and adorn me once again
To leave me as soon as  you come
Once again lonely and bare.

As the sunset …so does your voice at times


Nomatter how much a downpour over an open ocean there is always not much noticeable difference ….learn to focus your energy on things you can really change #sundayvibes


I happen to read a book by Chinua Achebe called Anthills of the Savannah the book’s voice has stayed  with me for what is a very long long time :

a tortoise meet a leopard who wants to kill it…he doesn’t want to die right away even though he knows he is out-matched and he has just met his death-a-walking… he request a few moment to do a very strange thing…he starts scratching the ground breaking shrubs throwing the immediate environment all over the place…the leopard is shocked but his intentions remains the same but he is curious to know the meaning of this spectacle…tortoise says ‘…so that who ever passes by here in whatever time will say  a man and his match fought here.’

in the very end he also says in the persona of an anthill ‘…i am the anthill that stays to tell the new grass and shrub and insects of yester-years brush fires…’

Its is my story and your story that matters at the end when life’s shenanigans have come and passed …i will tell it in my voice and never yours . THESE ARE MY STORIES!