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The case of human need

The human as a creature or creation of socialisation thrives on need and want…the more they are needed or wanted by their soceity or relations the more they strive to reach the pinnacle of achievement. In the myth of nationhood they exhibit the greatest patriotism… in companies they show you the meaning of professionalism and dedication… in human relations they love,forgive and care more!
Those that express need or want of others solicit a powerful binding contract on those they show it to. Words like honour,loyalty and commitment start to govern the action of the other. I will illustrate this concept  by way of illustration below:

1. A child is a bundle of need and want in its parent’s eyes. From conception to about age 20 there is the extremest exhibition of need n want. This need and want inturn solicit the biggest and most water tight contract between humans. That parents  love will be eternal even in the face so much disappointments.

2. Have you ever seen a dsyfunctional love relationship. The most amazing woman/man can be stuck with the most unreasonable partner. When you try to show them what a terrible bog they stuck in, after you have chipped away whatever is holding them is it not strange that their last stronghold is almost always “…my partner needs me!”

Its funny how this concept of need and want pans out !
Lastly my favourite flower is the flame lily. Its a beautiful flower that is plentiful in the hills of home…each rainy season it would array the countryside with beauty. I would imagine from germination how the sun would cox it into growth.’I need you to grow tall and strong…i need you to open your bud and bloom to me’ the sun would whispher. The flame lily needs/wants the sun  and would tenderly obey…it grows … it buds then gloriously it opens itself up to the sun. Its core and innermost beauty would be exposed. The sun would ravenously devour the beauty…us the headboys with our parents cows would wonder and sometimes pick it up and throw it to die. In a couple days the sun would have extracted every ounce of juice from the flower and it would die a sad pitiful sight! 

I would want to imagine thats how one sided needy relations are!